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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.15
Hey guys,[WSBot v0.6.1.15 01:14:27 21/12/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] *Updated game compatibility to; *Fixed not using skill to mobs with special characters in name.Happy botting! View full…
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Referer system
Hey guys, I've just finished implementing the Referal system, which allows new users tell the site who indicated WSBot to them, giving you guys a bonus on every purchase that this new user makes.It actually works like this: You tell your friend to use your username for referal (you send him your link found on your account panel);He registers with it; After that, whenever he buy an license, you…
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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.14
Hey guys, I've updated some things in the site, such as a explanation part of the payment status under your payments. Also, I've been upgrading our system this week and probably you guys noticed some performance drops, but it should be stable by now. Sorry for the inconvenience.[WSBot v0.6.1.14 19:22:52 10/12/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] *Try-fix bug when loading walker pointHappy! …
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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.13
Hey guys,[WSBot v0.6.1.13 05:59:03 03/12/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] *Fix a few crash issues;Happy botting! View full changelog Download now
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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.12
Hey guys,[WSBot v0.6.1.12 00:10:59 02/12/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] *Fix a slow-down and one crash issue;Happy botting! View full changelog Download now
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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.11
Hey guys,[WSBot v0.6.1.11 22:00:39 01/12/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] +Added "Entity Level" into the "Area Helper" window; +Added "WaitAfterChangeZone": this allow you the bot to wait after the changezone point, good for lagged computers; +Multi Client now makes every Warspear open resizable, to help you in multi clienting; *Fixed crashes/closing issues when the bot reached the half of the expired time…
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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.10
Hey guys,[WSBot v0.6.1.10 15:52:35 25/11/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] *Fixed random crash issues reported via the .dmp files you guys sent me.Happy botting! View full changelog Download now
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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.9
Hey guys,[WSBot v0.6.1.9 14:53:18 24/11/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] +When bot crashes it will create a "WSBot VERSION - TIME.dmp" file in the working folder. Send this to me so I can check what caused the crash.Happy botting! View full…
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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.8
Hey guys,[WSBot v0.6.1.8 18:02:24 23/11/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] *Fixed FightBackAttacker bug;Happy botting! View full changelog Download now
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[UPDATE] WSBot v0.6.1.7
Hey guys,[WSBot v0.6.1.7 15:01:20 23/11/2018 (-02:00 GMT)] +Added option to show stealth players (cant attack them if they are stealh and showing, but good to track them out); +Added option to avoid stealing kills from other players, allowing you to select stealing between "Everyone", from "Party" or "None"(this one will only attack mobs that are not attacking anyone); +Added option to fight…
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