Free trial

The free trial function gives you a chance to try it out before spending your money on the bot. This allows you to test all the functions for 30 minutes so you can see.

Don't block your mouse

Our bot doesn't block your mouse, meaning you can do other things while the bot farms to you. Even open more than one in the same machine.

Multi client

With multi clienting our bot allows you to open as many game clients you would like in your machine, all of this without needing a virtual machine.



The walker let you customize custom path to walk, custom actions to do in a sequential order. This allows you to fully travel around monsters and city to sell items and grind gold.



The targeter is focused on targetting monsters. This allows you to specify which monster to attack in determined condition, so it’s easy to avoid passive monsters and desnecessary fights.



The attacker sends skills automatically and heals your character when in low health. This allows you to play safe and kill enemies quicker. Our intelligent cooldown management helps you never leave a skill unused.



The looter will search for dead bodies near you and automatically try to open them and get the configured items to you. This allows you to discard things that you dont want and just get what are you searching for.


Saving and Loading settings

Our bot counts with a helpful system of saving your settings for later use. This allows you to quickly switch between characters and play style. Also, you can share your settings to other fellow users on the forum.

[UPCOMING] Chatter

The chatter helps you announce things in game so you dont need to waste time typing over and over again. This allows you to hunt and announce services as easy as 1-2-3.

[UPCOMING] Gatherer and Quester

This are both features that are on test mode and soon will be released to use. Quester will do the quests on every class and the gatherer will gather herbs.


In the extra, we are planning on add auto-login to the game(in case you get disconnected or similars), a HUD(which will diplay information about the current session like items/min, xp/min, gold/min) and even a way to minimize the bot to the tray.

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