[WSBot v0.6.3.3 01:35:29 25/04/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed looter not opening corpses;
*Fixed another problem with bot not starting correctly.

[WSBot v0.6.3.2 16:39:40 24/04/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Updated bot compatibility to Warspear;
*Fixed a bug where the bot would not start correctly.

[WSBot v0.6.3.1 02:58:33 31/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added option to use tickets from bag for the Arena Autodemand;

[WSBot v0.6.3.0 01:51:41 30/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added compatibility to Warspear

[WSBot v0.6.2.9 18:23:45 29/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed some buff related crashes;
*Tweaked keeping current target when healing with a lot of spells;

[WSBot v0.6.2.8 04:02:52 29/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added compatibility to Warspear;
+Added buffs entries do Entities at Lua interface, now it is possible to use arena buff potions and guild points potions as well using that;
+Added entry to open Bot and Game Folder from the "Other" menu;
*Improved little small things inside the bot.

[WSBot v0.6.2.7 20:42:33 25/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added Cursor Entry in Game Information window;
*Try fix of some other bugs of the bot initialization;
*Tweaked some internals to avoid other crashes;

[WSBot v0.6.2.6 04:27:18 25/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Try fix of the bugs of the bot initialization;
*Improved virtual machine compatibilty (if you cant use it in VM yet just send me a message and I'll help you);

[WSBot v0.6.2.5 03:53:14 25/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Try fix of the bugs of the bot initialization;
*Improved virtual machine compatibilty (if you cant use it in VM yet just send me a message and I'll help you);

[WSBot v0.6.2.5 20:40:12 22/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Removed the need to download the WSBotHelper.dll, now the file comes bundled with the bot and will be there when you need to inject;
+Bot is faster when starting up;
+Added a way to *try* to keep the game open after the bot closes;
*Reworked some internals where the bot start the client, should be way more stable now;
*Fixed tons of crashings relating with Client Start;
*Fixed bug where one could not add new script;
*Fixed other interfaces bugs.

[WSBot v0.6.2.0 04:23:13 16/03/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added compatibility to latest Warspear v7.10.0.0;
+Added Arena helper: it has the auto demand, auto walk to the center and auto attack enemies;
+Arena helper also checks if you have at least 1 ticket to do the demand;
+Added one more slot for profiles;
+Added buffs to the Game Information window;
+Added ticket info at the Game Information Window;
+Added checking for any item broken (red shield). It is way better than just checking if the window is open;
+Added option to hide tray icon;
*Settings will be saved as the current logged in character name by default;
*Reworked the script console interface, now you have better information of what it is going to do;
*Improved A LOT the internal workings of the bot.

[WSBot v0.6.1.20 12:13:36 22/02/2019  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Updated game compatibility to;
*Fixed some minor bugs;
+Added other performance internal toggles;

[WSBot v0.6.1.15 01:14:27 21/12/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
*Updated game compatibility to;
*Fixed not using skill to mobs with special characters in name.

[WSBot v0.6.1.14 19:22:52 10/12/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
*Try-fix bug when loading walker point

[WSBot v0.6.1.13 05:59:03 03/12/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
*Fix a few crash issues;

[WSBot v0.6.1.12 00:10:59 02/12/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
*Fix a slow-down and one crash issue;

[WSBot v0.6.1.11 22:00:39 01/12/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
+Added "Entity Level" into the "Area Helper" window;
+Added "WaitAfterChangeZone": this allow you the bot to wait after the changezone point, good for lagged computers;
+Multi Client now makes every Warspear open resizable, to help you in multi clienting;
*Fixed crashes/closing issues when the bot reached the half of the expired time.

[WSBot v0.6.1.10 15:52:35 25/11/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
*Fixed random crash issues reported via the .dmp files you guys sent me.

[WSBot v0.6.1.9 14:53:18 24/11/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
+When bot crashes it will create a "WSBot VERSION - TIME.dmp" file in the working folder. Send this to me so I can check what caused the crash.

[WSBot v0.6.1.8 18:02:24 23/11/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
*Fixed FightBackAttacker bug;

[WSBot v0.6.1.7 15:01:20 23/11/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
+Added option to show stealth players (cant attack them if they are stealh and showing, but good to track them out);
+Added option to avoid stealing kills from other players, allowing you to select stealing between "Everyone", from "Party" or "None"(this one will only attack mobs that are not attacking anyone);
+Added option to fight back who is attacking your party too;
+Implemented Game.GetParty().AllInArea() -> Will return true if all party members are in the current area;
*Fixed bug where Targeter tries to attack someone healing the player;

[WSBot v0.6.1.6 18:19:00 21/11/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
*Fixed crash every N minutes.
*Fixed "Offline" showing when online.

[WSBot v0.6.1.5 11:30:47 21/11/2018  (-02:00 GMT)]
+Added Area Helper window to show specific entries in your current area;
+Added the path to the setting entry via right clicking;
*Improved the script editor capabilities;
*Fixed bug where loading a setting with a lot of scripts would cause each script to run individually;
*Fixed some networking bugs.

[WSBot v0.6.1.2 19:26:25 01/11/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added icon to system tray;
+Added a lot of entries to scripting;
+Added more entries to the Knowledge Base at the site;
*Fixed "LootInCombat". Now it loots whenever you dont need to use skills when attacking someone;
*Disabled the default showing of Settings, now to configure the bot go to "View" and then "Settings" (the option was already there);
*Fixed few script editor bugs which could crash the bot;
*Improved walker mechanisms to avoid going back to the last zone after a change zone;
*Improved scripting system to be twice as fast when adding a new script and developing;
*Fixed few networking issues.

[WSBot v0.6.1.1 17:38:34 26/10/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added support to Warspear;
+Added game window mirror to the Game Information interface;

[WSBot v0.6.1.0 18:19:09 19/10/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added chat message sending support;
+Added "Script Snippets" window: this will show you small scripts to use into your settings file, improving productivity when developing settings;
+Added a "Review" window to get some user feedback;
*Fixed more than 10 crash situations;

[WSBot v0.6.0.15 13:17:15 01/10/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added game version support;
+Added character class name to the bot.

[WSBot v0.6.0.15 13:16:21 01/10/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added game version support;
+Added character class name to the bot.

[WSBot v0.6.0.15 13:16:16 01/10/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added game version support;
+Added character class name to the bot.

[WSBot v0.6.0.15 13:02:15 01/10/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added game version support;
+Added character class name to the bot.

[WSBot v0.6.0.13 20:34:18 26/09/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Improved server sync mechanisms;
+Added a way to help identify crash cases;
*Fixed another few cases of crash.

[WSBot v0.6.0.12 22:57:03 24/09/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed another few cases of crash

[WSBot v0.6.0.11 17:22:07 24/09/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed another case of crash

[WSBot v0.6.0.10 03:33:58 24/09/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added initial "Game Information" window to help track game info while developing scripts;
+Added auto repair item with scroll when "Item broken" window appears;
*Fixed a lot of crashes;
*Fixed a bug where getting bag slots would give you a wrong information;
*Fixed not showing the new version on the "Update" dialog.

[WSBot v0.6.0.8 11:59:08 22/09/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added Bot Information window that shows the bot version, the user membership information, the session information and the current setting file information;
+Added option to change the game title to the current character name + process ID, same as the WSBot title;
*Added more tentatives when the bot cant connect to the server, old was 3 now it is 10 (should decrease crashs after 30+ hours);
*Fixed server sync mechanisms;
*Fixed some internal logic.

[WSBot v0.6.0.7 03:26:54 16/09/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added a window asking user if he wants to open the download page to update the bot whenever a update comes in;
+Added a check to see if WSBotHelper.dll exists in the same folder and it is the same version as the bot executable;
*Improved login and launcher window styles;
*Fixed bug that could crash if use opened some settings in the GUI.

[WSBot v0.6.0.6 19:40:24 15/09/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Updated to work with game version
*Improved the scripting system (this change looks small, but it is really big inside!)
*Fixed bug on editing walker points;
*Fixed bug involving equipment window;
*Changed a few commands on the script, change your scripts accordingly
--Game.Player to Game.GetLocalPlayer()
--Game.Cursor to Game.GetCursor()
--Game.MapX/Y/Z to Game.GetMapX/Y/Z()
--Interfaces.Bag to Interfaces.GetBag()
--Interfaces.Equipment to Interfaces.GetEquipments()

[WSBot v0.6.0.4 18:29:46 13/06/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed bug on editing walker points;
*Fixed bug when involving equipment window;

[WSBot v0.6.0.3 14:28:45 09/06/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added support to game version;
*Fixed some bugs in networking logic;
*Fixed a bug where Windows 7 users would get stuck when opening the bot.

[WSBot v0.6.0.2 02:44:46 30/05/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Improved looter timings: it should loot properly now;
*Improved GUI handling on loading and saving settings;
*Improved the "Player Death" detection mechanism, should not open the bottom left menu;
*Fixed bug where selling single item would bug;
*Fixed bug where the bot would get stuck when interacting with npcs;
*Fixed crash where opening Repair with NPC would crash the bot;
*Fixed crash where changing the FlashWindow option on Extra would bug the game;
*Fixed crash where loading settings with the state window open would cause the bot to stop responding;
*Fixed minor crashes regarding scripts, walker and other modules;

[WSBot v0.6.0.1 06:18:15 28/05/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added support for Warspear (Download from official site if you didnt get any update prompt);
*Fixed bug of bot not being able to revive when dead;
*Fixed bug of bot not correctly targeting when the Select Target window appears;
*Fixed other minor bugs.

[WSBot v0.6.0.0 08:05:51 27/05/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Changed how the bot looks. Easier to maintain and to achieve questing and other special stuffs;
+Added scripts: this will be one of the core functions of the bot, allowing user to use all the bot functionalities;
+Added an Walker Tool: double click on the walker list or open it from the View menu. It will show you a helper to quick add points;
-Removed some walker point type. You should use a Script to do the old actions;
*Changed Overview to other menu entries, you can change the status of each module in the State window;
+You can now right click on the walker point and set it to be run next, good for testing;
-Remove the need to input mana amount on skills cast;
+Split up Attacker, Healer and Party Healer;
+Attacker order now matters in which skill will be sent first: you can change the order by right clicking the entry on settings;
+Added option to toggle debug log after bot started;
+Added option to toggle some anti-crash measures the bot does: good to send me some logs in case you are getting any unexpeted behavior;
+Added option to patch started games to allow running in virtualized environments;
+Added option to stop updating log so user can trace what happened;
+Added option to copy log to clipboard so user can share what happened;
+Added option to save log to a file so user can trace what happened;
+Added small layer of security on saving password of bot user;
*Changed endpoint and method of connecting to bot server, should be faster and more reliable;
*Increased overall bot interface responsiveness;
*Fixed bug where debug log saved files with wrong name;

[WSBot v0.5.1.0 06:40:24 28/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added option to heal party members. This will use the same heal spells you set up to use TARGETING your self, it will cast when the conditions of the extra tab is met;
*Improved a lot the way the bot get the entities on the area, speeding up the targeting process.

[WSBot v0.5.0.8 06:29:10 28/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added option to heal party members. This will use the same heal spells you set up to use TARGETING your self, it will cast when the conditions of the extra tab is met.

[WSBot v0.5.0.8 21:09:56 26/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fix looter not looting different interface items (Sign of the Filth or Cocoon of Termites)

[WSBot v0.5.0.7 10:30:18 25/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Quick fix bugs after update;

[WSBot v0.5.0.6 23:33:37 24/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added compatibility to Warspear;
+Added compatibility to Hotkey 0;
*Changed how bot opens the bag... It will be a little slower now, but does the job.

[WSBot v0.5.0.5 07:06:11 20/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed a bug where Item Seller would sell only one slot of each item type;

[WSBot v0.5.0.4 13:27:45 19/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added the so wanted Repair Scroll point to walker;
+Added option to stop major bot functions from a walker point;
*Fixed problem when a GoToLabel was added with < comparision;
*Fixed the looter problem which would re-loot already looted mobs;
*Fixed a few bugs that may or may not cause unwanted crashes(all crashes are unwanted but whatever hehe);
*Improved Shop sell items algorithm, it should be 10 to 30 times faster;
+Added the capability to get any item name within the bot.

[WSBot v0.5.0.3 03:08:19 12/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added GoToLabel option to check for BAG items durability and EQUIPMENT items durability. One step closer to use repair scroll :P;
*Fixed a crash that happened in virtue of adding that function;
*Fixed a pottentially major crash issue on bot;
*Definately fixed bug where shop would not close after selling all items when bag is full;
*Definately fixed bug where unsyncronziation could happen if user computer has different local time than network.

[WSBot v0.5.0.2 04:56:29 05/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Added looter option to disallow looting in combat. Safe to use when you dont want to die because of looting. This may skip some loots but kill whoever is targeting you.
*Fixed bug where shop would not close after selling all items when bag is full;
*Fixed bug where unsyncronziation could happen if user computer has different local time than network.

[WSBot v0.5.0.1 09:17:33 04/04/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
+Reworked the whole bot structure, reverting to the old external method with brand new way of executing stuff;
+Added option to attach bot to running game clients;
+Changed how the game looks. It now exists outside of the bot, allowing the user to maximize and resize the game client for better gaming experience;
+Added option to save user login and password, and reworked completely how these are saved;
+Enter and Tab now works correctly on login window;
*Fixed bug where the multi client would not work on some computers;
*Fixed bug where the trial account would be reseted if you changed the system time;
*Fixed bug where the free inventory bag slot aren't detected;
+Added some extra debug options to help trace down some random crashes;
*Fixed bug where the looter didnt have priority over targeter;
+Debug log now saves the selected option to catch early launch errors;
+Added error messages if you add wrong walker points.

[WSBot v0.5.0.0 19:32:40 30/03/2018  (-03:00 GMT)]
Initial release

[WSBot v0.1.3.6 25/08/17 00:49:55 (-03:00 GMT)]
[*] Fixed bug.

[WSBot v0.1.3.5 24/08/17 21:23:28 (-03:00 GMT)]
[UPDATE] Addressed Warspear update
[-] Disabled chatter and autochatter in the current version

[WSBot v0.1.3.1 03/06/17 14:59:26 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Added compatibility to Warspear Online

[WSBot v0.1.3.0 01/06/17 14:15:22 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Added compatibility to Warspear Online
[+ Overview]Added entry to show when user membership ends.

[WSBot v0.1.2.5 30/05/17 00:35:17 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed some compatibility options.

[WSBot v0.1.2.0 29/05/17 02:37:08 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Added game compatibility to version
=No new functions avaiable yet.
+Added internal questing system currently in beta test.

[WSBot v0.1.1.5 16/05/17 03:57:27 (-03:00 GMT)]
[+ Attacker] Implemented healing outside of combat with skills;
[* Looter] Fixed a bug where it would not lood uncapitalized itens on the list;
[* Walker] Fixed bug in the item seller where it would get stuck when selling one item in the middle of tons;
[+ Walker] Added option to repair only if items durability is lower than X%;
[* General] Fixed some crashes on startup.
[* General] Fixed some internal vulnerabilities.

[WSBot v0.1.1.0 05/05/17 00:32:24 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Updated to be compatible with Warspear version
[* LOOTER] Changed how looting specified items works, because the game changed how it stores the item on memory.
[* Anti report] Changed how we disable the report bug error in warspear.
[* Startup crash] Fixed some crashes on bot startup.
[* Login system] Improved how the logout function works, helping to avoid the maximum amount of bot.
[*] Fixed a bug where the bot would attach to the send bug report.

[WSBot v0.1.0.5 26/04/17 19:32:44 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Changed again how the bot connects to the server.

[WSBot v0.1.0.1 26/04/17 13:12:47 (-03:00 GMT)]
**Emergency update
*Changed a way how game avoids sending crash reports;
*Fixed bug where the bot loader would not syncronize with the server;
*Fixed bug where the looter would wait until the corpse disappear to move on.

[WSBot v0.1.0.0 25/04/17 22:11:08 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Major bot update. Reworked every single bot function to address inumerous crashes and slow-downs;
+Added Overview tab which allows to fast bot settings enabling and disabling, check your membership status and much more;
+Added multi-client button on the start client page. Press it before opening game clients outside of bot.
+Added option to toggle attacker and changed how it is stored in save files. Older attacker save files will need to be re-made;
+Added new Chatter interface to help you talk with friends while botting(include Friend chat like in-game);
+Added option to toggle the fight back feature of targeter. Default is ON to avoid dieing on misconfiguration;
+Added auto clear crash log when bot loads to avoid users getting their info sent to game;
+Parcially disabled the game bug report to avoid users getting their info sent to game;
-Disabled the minimum HP on heal skills to avoid dieing on misconfiguration;
-Hidden the quester and the gatherer tabs to simplify the current interface, will be added later when development there continues;
=Improved looting speed after target is dead;
=Improved the walker sell items add point -> Removed the default \'All\' option and now it asks if you are sure you want to sell \'All\';
*Fixed bug where some users were able to open more than 3 bot clients on the same account;
*Fixed bug where the bot would not recognize the hotkey skill bar in some cases;
*Fixed bug where the bot would crash when repairing item from npc;
*Fixed bug where the bot would get stuck in walker;
*Fixed bug where the bot would not recognize players with name less than 3 characters;
*Fixed bug where the bot would not loot if there was a skill selected;
*Fixed more than 50 little internal bugs that didnt pronunce itself happening.

[WSBot V0.0.1.70 08/04/17 11:17:04 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Updated the Debug Log to help addressing bot not opening on some clients
+Added option to move UP and DOWN points on the walker.
+Added function to attack whoever is attacking us
*Improved process usage when idle
+Added compatibility to lower resolution computers

[WSBot V0.0.1.64 02/04/17 12:39:07 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed long-name targetting issues

[WSBot V0.0.1.61 02/04/17 12:09:53 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed Select Target interface

[WSBot V0.0.1.57 02/04/17 10:48:57 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed major looter non-functioning
*Reduced overall waiting times on client start, looting and targeting
+Improved my bot update deploy station

[WSBot V0.0.1.57 02/04/17 10:46:59 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed major looter non-functioning
*Reduced overall waiting times on client start, looting and targeting
+Improved my bot update deploy station

[WSBot V0.0.1.57 02/04/17 09:12:16 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed major looter non-functioning
*Reduced overall waiting times on client start, looting and targeting

[WSBot V0.0.1.49 02/04/17 06:58:24 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed a lot of internal bugs
*Improved some functions
*Try to fix long name entities like \"Subjugated by the filth\" and \"Servant by the filth\"
*Changed how to get the amount of free bag slots, now it is a lot times faster(less than 1 second)
+Preliminary update for questing interface. Will add quests as soon as possible.
+Added revive interface handling (New option on Extra tab) - Enabled by default
*Changed the default of enable game input to Enabled
+Reworked entire interface managing system to reduce cpu and memory usage

[WSBot V0.0.1.20 27/03/17 07:12:22 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed other bugs

[WSBot V0.0.1.4 27/03/17 05:45:26 (-03:00 GMT)]
*Fixed a bug I left behind on the last update

[WSBot V0.0.1.3 27/03/17 05:31 (-3 GMT)]
*Improved GUI handling on attacker
*Updated method of healing
*Added support for the interface \"Select Target\" when it appears in middle of bot actions

[WSBot V0.0.1.2 22/03/17 02:02 (-3 GMT)]
*Improved GUI handling on attacker
*Updated method of healing

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